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About Hey, tú

Ingmar wrote the song, “Hey, tú” because he wanted to make a little celebration of fun in life. The moments – hours or even seconds – where you make a fool of yourself. Lose yourself in the music. Lose yourself in the fun. Even for a little while. Make people laugh, make yourself laugh. Dance wherever you are. Be it with a partner, good friends, or even strangers. Looking them deep into the eyes, acting like no one’s around.

The song was recorded at Ari Johannesen’s studio. He produced like a mad man, a mad scientist. His patience and eagerness for quality and creativity are outstanding. Ingmar likes Ari’s sound a lot. Fred Ruddick made the final touches in mastering.

Great artists came to the aid of the recording. Ari himself played lush guitars and added a multitude of other sounds and ideas. Katrina Olsen also brought many great ideas to the table, especially the violin intro and the choir parts which she also sang herself. Providing solidity beyond belief was the drumming of Jósef Heinesen. Eyðun-Bass, as he’s colloquially known, made the groove even deeper with his bass. And to top it off, Pætur Steinhólm played some truly joyful violin parts.

Ingmar is very concerned with the Faroese language, so he made sure to ask Marjun Arge Simonsen to proofread the lyrics before publication. Napoleon Smith made drawings of Ingmar for the occasion in his lovely signature style, with Lucas Frayssinet adding technically and adding a perfect border around each drawing. Finally, OPHfoto provided Ingmar with a photo session, producing way too good compositions with just the right mood.

Released on the following formats
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on with this link: https://bfan.link/hey-tu