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Angel – Frostfelt

‘Angel’ is well crafted pop music from the artist FROSTFELT, which is done in collaboration with SAKARIS. Strings and electronics blend to make these songs uniquely beautiful and heartfelt. FROSTFELT comes out of the archipelago Faroe Islands, which are 18 islands midway between Iceland and Scotland. With 2 albums out and the third on the […]


Youniverse – Frostfelt

Brand new album, Youniverse, by Frostfelt. These laid-back, electronic indie, ambient soundscapes are written and sung by Lýggjas. He shows his great musical skills to the full on this carefully composed record. Reviews: …exceptionally thoughtful arrangements. … takes the listener to another dimension. 4.8 out of 5. Reviewed by Martin Kozicki on the webzine, Stacja Islandia.