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Francesco Benozzo

About SYLVATICA – Errant Shamanic Songs

SYLVATICA – Errant Shamanic Songs is a poetic-musical project centered on shamanic chanting, where voices and sounds meet in their essential nakedness, to cross the prehistoric animistic visions of primordial song, with a focus on its energetic and invisible dimensions of healing, awareness and enchantment. These songs are taken from different shamanic traditions (Inuit, Tuva, Estonia, Lapland, Ainu), and include original creations born for the project itself: these are songs living in that archaic and untamed space-time intersection in which, for millions of years, leaves on the trees, birds in the skies, and fish in the seas have been moving.

1. Creazione del cerchio sciamanico | Creation of the shamanic circle
2. La ragazza orsa | The bear-girl
3. Sottobosco / Oracolo della sciamana | Undergrowth / Shamaness oracle
4. Incantesimo / Canto del bardo / Incantesimo | EnchantmentSong of the bard / Enchantment
5. Richiamo del fiume | The river’s call
6. Fiaba dei ghiacci | The ice fairytale
7. Dialogo notturno col lupo | Nocturnal dialogue with the wolf
8. Sul sentiero delle betulle | Along the birch trees path
9. Viaggio dell’anima | Journey of the soul
10. Accensione del fuoco | Lighting the fire
11. Canto della balena | Whale song
12. Evocazione delle dee solari | Evocation of the solar goddesses

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.).
You can check it out by using this link: https://bfan.link/sylvatica