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Tormodur is a young Faroese singer and songwriter, who released his debut single in January of 2022.
As a singer and songwriter, Tormodur’s style varies alot, all from calm and melodic singer/songwriter pop to wild and lively pop.

Most of Tormodur’s songs revolve around some form of love and emotions, written from his own life and experiences, which puts an extra layer of honesty and truthfulness into his music.

“For me songwriting began as a way to deal with my own emotions.

It was somehow easier to be completely honest, about my feelings, to a blank piece of paper, than to be honest to myself or anyone else. That’s how most of my songs have been written, just me trying to clear my head out.

Almost all of my lyrics have started with the chorus, and it’s especially the choruses that have been written in that heat or cold of the moment, when I’ve been trying to figure myself out, and so many of my verses are all about context, to give a dept and deeper understanding, of the emotions that are going on in the choruses.”