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Silvurdrongur (Silver boy) made his debut in 2018 with the album Silvurpláta (Silver album) which was released in unison with the poetry collection Silvurbók (Silver book) and the short film 111 góðir dagar (111 good days). The multi-release harvested a host of awards: A Faroese Music Awards title for Best New Act, a Geytin Short Film Award for Best Short, and a Ebbu Hentze Award to gifted young writers.

In July of 2024, he is ready with his second album: nú æt eg eftir ánni. The title means “Now I was named after the river”, and it reflects a poetic and

symbolic throughline in the album, as all the song titles refer to different names of
creatures that reside by the river, and the starkly alien sounds of the music inspire new
genre definitions such as ‘Extinction Punk’, ‘Doomer Pop’, and ‘Haunted Club’.

It promises to be a strange and inspiring journey through alien soundscapes with
unexpected combinations of genres and themes. Like a dark fairy tale that journeys
along the riverbank of the Faroese forest, the concept comes with its own breathtaking
visual universe too, combining Gwenael A. Helmsdal’s photography of the artist in a
classroom of fossilised wildlife, with illustrations by late, great Faroese ornithologist and
artist Mikkjal á Ryggi, as designed by Heidi Andreassen.

Silvurdrongur’s latest project straddles both the magical and political, brimming with experimental ideas and boldly executed vision.

“Silvurdrongur is a pioneer in a sound that is only just invented. […] So, what is my overall
opinion of Silvurdrongur and ‘Shamandrongur’? Complete immersion into his fairy tale, it is
mind-boggling but totally something I would recommend for everyone!”

– The Other Side Reviews

“In conclusion, anyone who enjoys music that defies expectations and provides a novel
auditory experience should definitely give Silvurdrongur a listen. The track Shamandrongur
offers a captivating glimpse into the artistic vision of one of the most intriguing talents in the
Faroese music scene, with its steady beat, explosive crescendos, and versatile vocals.”

– The Musical Road