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MC-Hár (hár means hair in Faroese) is a rock’n’rap act, among the first Faroese rap-bands, and their 1998 album, “Framvegis uttan vit,” was the first Faroese album to predominantly feature rap in Faroese.

From their first live appearance in February of 1991, the band also made its mark on the Faroese rock scene. From being an underground act with a small but faithful following, in the late 90s, the band emerged as one of the biggest acts in the Faroe Islands.

The band is still active from time to time, i.e. playing on Ólavsøka in 2006, 2009, 2012 and in 2013, on Norðoyastevna in 2011 as well as the biggest annual music festival Summarfestivalurin in 2014. They also headlined the first ever G! Festival, having played at the Spot Festival in Aarhuus in 1999, as one of the First faroese bands to play there. In 2013, the band once again ventured abroad playing a gig in the legendary Loppen in Christiania, as pictured above.


  • Framvegis Uttan Vit (1998)
    • Burn Me (EP) (1999)[17]

Additional album appearances:

  • Rock í Føroyum (1995)
    • Prix ’99 (1999)
    • Tutl 25 ár – Live 2002 (2002)
    • Prix Krem (2003)