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Lucky Sailor

Lucky Sailor

Singer and songwriter Mikkel Thomas has made a new EP – “Juggling”, under his new alias – Lucky Sailor. About a breaking zone in life that led him home to love and to Copenhagen. The music, Lucky Sailor calls funky folk, gives hope during hard times.

When Mikkel Thomas’ father passed away, a love affair sank and he was without a job, it was time to leave the little paradise Island in Denmark called Bornholm. When the safety line was cut, he threw himself into writing songs with his oldest son Adrian (former lead singer in the band “Fool”), in search of a foothold. Together with his other four children, they tore six months out of the calendar and traveled on an educational trip through Europe. Mikkel fell in love again with a flamenco dancer and through his children, and the newly written songs, he found peace and belief in that he had commit to being a musician again. When he landed on his feet, he was standing in Copenhagen. In Understrøm sound studio, he recorded the songs for his new EP, together with his dream band, all wrapped up in his newfound love.

Check Lucky Sailor’s website: www.luckysailor.dk

And his audio studio: www.understromlydstudie.dk


Mikkel Thomas released his debut album “Ind under frakken” on the Faroese record company TUTL in 2006.

He has since lived as a singer/songwriter and troubadour, with over 1000 concerts and performances.

He has had the legendary bassist Michael Friis as a mentor and musical partner over the years on Bornholm.

Established an americana band “Eastmary”, together with the singer Pernille Loumann.

Eastmary released the album “What Is Broken” NMS / Sony in 2015 and an EP “All We Can Do” in 2017

Has worked as a composer for several TV programs for the Danish television.

In 2017, the band “Eastmary” got one of their songs in the DR TV series: “The Lord’s Ways” (“Eye of The Sea”).

He calls his new alias: Lucky Sailor, as Mikkel Thomas has always sailed, built boats, lived in the Faroe Islands, and is currently rigging a boat for circumnavigation with one of his sons.

The band behind Lucky Sailor:

Mikkel Thomas: Vocal / acoustic guitar
Janus Kampmann: Electric guitar
Jivin Cameron: Bas
Sten Larm Rasmussen: Drums
Michael Sunding: Piano
Anders Juul Nielsen: Trumpet
Pernille Loumann & Adrian Mikkelsen: Backing vocals