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Like her place of origin, new and emerging artist HULDA’s first PR campaign for her debut album was one that dealt in fog and mystery, and it seems to have worked favourably.

Many superstitions have always roamed the isles of HULDA, and chief among those is the belief in Huldufólk – the supernatural creatures that live in rocks. Only sometimes, humans will get a chance to glimpse into their underworld. And this is where HULDA’s style is derived from.

HULDA’s music is full of mystery, built on overwhelming beats and carried by a clear female vocal, used in many different ways, layers and levels. Similarly, the lyrics deal with subjects of the sea, sorrow, wind, love and other topics that reflects the vibe of the enchanced HULDA isles.

HULDA collaborates closely with the producer Jens L. Thomsen, known from the band ORKA. She is currently working on her debut album that is initially released as a series of singles, including the popular Sorgin (with Faroese lyrics) and Every Drop (with English lyrics). HULDA also collaborates with other great contemporary artists, such as LV, Allan Tausen, Guðrið Hansdóttir and Helgi.