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Heðin Askham lives in Klaksvík and is mostly known within the Christian music environment. He has previously released 1 CD and 2 singles. Born in 1977 he started singing around age 14, performing on stages through out the country as well as abroad.

In addition to playing with various group as a teenager, Heðin was a part of the most famous Christian rock band, I AM, as a pianist and backing vocalist. The band released 2 CD’s in 1999 og 2003, are represented on “Rock í Føroyum” and they also released a couple of singles and music videos in the late 10’s. I AM had two appearences in the music competition Prix Føroyar, and made it to the final too. I AM performed in all thinkable places on the Faroe Islands, from small meetings to festivals and were a mandatory band in the lagendary Ólavssøkukonsertin for years. They were also on tour abroad in Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. In 2003  I AM won the Faroese Gospelprix.

Heðin has been a part of High 5, a 5 member vocal band. They appeared mostly in bigger arrangements in the Christian community, grand meetings and Jól við Løkin, where Heðin also performed as a solo artist several times.

Heðin is also part of Vox, a gospelchoir that has been active for 25 years.

Many of these above mentiones releases and live performances, solo and with others can be found on Youtube og Spotify.

Heðin is a very active singer, booked for all kinds of small gigs, bigger concerts, church services, weddings and partysogs. Mostly on his own, but sometimes joined with one or two others.

In the future there will be more releases, singles and possibly an EP.