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We are a group of young enthusiastic people, who have lived a part of our lives, in differend professions and businsses, but in common we have one significant interest. MUSIC!

Some of us will play whatever you want us to play, but in this specific occasion, the music genre is jazz/rock and blues, fusion, and some pop.

Our music is a mixture of our own and rearranged cover tracks, as well.

We do not see “Havnarmenn” as a consistent band.  Havnarmenn is an ongoing project with a variety of skillful members – the goal is to make good music.

Sámal Lindenskov: Guitars
Heini Fosaa: Bass, Drums, percussion and programming

Dánjal Bærentsen: Guitars and vocals

Independent Artists:
Sissal Grækarisdóttir Magnussen, lead vocals and choir
Vár Iversen Lindenskov: Cello
Johan Martin Jacobsen: Bass
Jógvan Olsen, Keyboards and piano
Silas Hannesarson: Violin

Others who have played with us:
Eyðun Johannesen: Bass
Anna Maria Olsen: Vocals and percussion
Ronny Nielsen: vocals, percussion and guitar
Mortan Zachariassen: Saxophone
Sirikit Jacobsen: Vocals
Arnfríð Lútzen: Vocals
Bjarki Meitil: Bass
Magni W. Husgaard: Keyboards and piano
Arnold Ludvig: Bass
Mike Viderøe: Vocals

Webpage: https://www.havnarmenn.com/who-are-we