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Elinborg has been singing and writing music since she was a small child. She was born and raised on the Faroe Islands, in the small town of Syðrugøta. In August, 2015, she released her first EP album, with four songs in her native language. The songs are written by Elinborg, and have been produced by Høgni Lisberg, and they feature a brilliant line-up of musicians.

Ever since she released her first EP album she has been performing a lot around the Faroe Island; in 2015 she performed at the G! Festival and had a lot of release concert all around. In 2016 she performed at the Summar Festival, Ólavsøka and Voxbotn. Elinborg won an award for ‘Best Live Act Of The Year’ at the Faroese Music Awards (FMA) in 2016.

Elinborg released EP album, ‘’Landið sum eingin sær’’ in 2017. Høgni Lisberg, Allan Tausen and Hans Marius Ziska have produced the album together. Elinborg has written the songs, and they are all in her native language.

Elinborg’s music takes you on an emotional journey; she writes music about love, grief, and life, and this makes her music both intimately personal and beautiful.

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