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Bay Be Rockin’

Bay Be Rockin’

Bay Be Rockin’ was founded in December 2019 in Copenhagen by Jaspur and Alexander. After jamming together for a while, they decided to form a band. The reason being that they have a strong musical connection and work perfectly together, and so Bay Be Rockin’ was born.

Both Jaspur and Alexander, were born in the Faroe Island and grew up in the capitol Torshavn.  In their start twenties, they both moved to Copenhagen. This has given them a mixture of inspiration, from the rough untamed nature of the Faroes to the urban city life of Copenhagen.

When Bay Be Rockin’ was founded, it was not known which genre or style they would play. It ended up in a kind of Electronic funk pop/rock with inspiration from the hip hop world.  But as they say themselves, they try to go for a feeling rather than a specific genre, so the genre is up for interpretation.
Everything is produced, played and sung by Jaspur and Alexander. Jaspur sings, plays keys, synth and synth bass, occasional drums and electronics. Alexander sings, plays the guitars and bass. Together they produce songs with good vibes and a funky groove that you just can’t help moving along to.
This kind of music, could be played in bars, night clubs, in the car, in the park with friends or just chillin’ at home with the family playing boardgames.

Bay Be Rockin’ is for all ages. Their songs are filled with a hint of nostalgia with a modern twist and an urban vibe. So if you are all up for some groovy, feelgood music, Bay Be Rockin’ might be the band you are looking for.

Turn on your playing device, blast that Bay Be Rocking sound in your ears and bounce with us.