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Elevator Alligator, a rockband created by accident, one drunken night out in Tórshavn, around the middle of january 2021. Kjartan Torbensson, the singer, and the drummer, Edvin H. Nicalsen, did the whole spiel of “Hey man! We should start a band”. Surprisinlgy enough they stuck to it, and later got in touch with the bassist and the lead guitarist, Jóhan Bjartur Kjærbo, and Áki Hjalmarsson Petersen.

With every band member being born in the early 90’s, they were just in time to get a good whiff of the grunge scene before it passed the reigns over to whatever came next. Post-grunge? Nu-metal? I digress. It is mainly from the grunge era Elevator Alligators’ music has its inspiration from, though not quite fitting the discription themselves, as they carry a more modern rock groove only with the sound from the 90’s.

Kjartan Torbensson has often been compared to Layne Staley, Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder. With a voice fueled by anger and passion, he brings life to the lyrics that will leave you nodding your head and thinking “Allright”.

Áki Hjalmarsson Petersen, can lay down a solo like no other. At gigs Áki always brings a bucket in front of his rig, because he doesn’t just make the guitar weep, he makes it bawl.

You take these two and place them firmly in solid foundation built by a steady bassist, Jóhan Bjartur Kjærdo, whose harmonical basslines will warm your heart, and drummer Edvin H. Niclasen, whos impecable timing and ingenuity on the drums is sure to leave a mark on your eardrums.

And what this leaves you with is one heck of a ride in the Elevator Alligator.

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