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Bjargamenn is a band that is influenced by 70`s and 80`s rock music, as well as jazz, jazz fusion, latin music, funk, afro cuban music, modern gospel and progressive rock. The group consists of three members, Benjamin Leo, Bjartur Leo and Mortan Johannessen. These three musicians have a lot of experience on the Faroese music scene, playing a lot of genres with various artists. The band plays catchy melodic music, combined with jazz harmonies, complicated rhytmical elements and easy relatable lyrics. Usually the instruments play their part in a very maximistically expressive way, which is caused by the group members constantly playing and listening to many different styles and genres of music. All this results in a very progressive style of music which is still very listenable and easy to relate to.  

The band started in 2021, and is only playing original music. Even though that the three members of the group are very active on the Faroese music scene, this very particular combination of musicians and creativity results in a completely new and different style of music which is interesting for the experienced musician to listen to, as well as being very listenable for all people and non musicians, because of the catchy melodies and lyrics. The three musicians, which the group consists of, have very different musical backgrounds, which makes the group very unique, always seeking new musical pathways in a very creative way.

Bjargamenn is a band that plays very energetic music. This makes the music very expressive and maximalistic. The sound is very full, which means that there are many different instruments, as well as layers of instruments on each track. Backing vocals with rich harmonic layers are also very central in the group´s way of making music.

 Even though that the group plays techniqally advanced jazz rock fusion music, with a folkish, catchy, melodic rock feel, the members of the group are constantly developing their own musical abilities in every way possible, which means that there is always a whole new musical world to be discovered, within each and every song that the group creates.

The group name “Bjargamenn” is an old Faroese word which indicates “someone being on constant adventure in the Faroese magical bird cliffs” and this very word “Bjargamenn” is symbolically referring to these three musicians constantly discovering and chasing new hidden musical universes.

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