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Eitt minni – Klingra

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About Eitt minni

The second single from Faroe Islands collective Klingra evokes elegiac lamentations steeped in past-times yearnings. It offers an emotional piano composition with achingly moving field recordings from a 94 year old Faroese fisherman, who shared his stories as a sailor shortly before his death. These recollections touched on a tragedy that occurred by the west coast of Greenland in 1956, involving Faroese fishermen who had been forced out of local waters by German and British trawlers. When one of their ships sank, 14 men died, either from drowning or freezing.

With experience from Jack White, Eivør and Afenginn, the six members facilitate an ego-free chemistry, resulting in a wide-open invitation to listeners to think and feel, encouraged by Klingra’s powers of evocation.

Listen to Eitt minni here




Dánjal á Neystabø

(piano, vocals)

Kim Rafael Nyberg

(piano, keys)

Heðin Ziska Davidsen

(guitar, synths, electronics, vocals)

Mikael Blak

(bass, synth bass, electronics)

Margrete Björklund

(pedal steel guitar)

Angelika Hansen

(violin, bratch)

Knut Arne Finsrud

(drums, percussion)

Elisabeth Breines Vik

(vocals, choir)




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