Straight Ahead (Tann grøna) – Straight Ahead

Producer catalog: HJF778b
Production year: 1976
Tracks: 2

Vørunummar: HJF778b Bólkar: ,


Straight Ahead (Tann grøna)

English: Also known as “the green single”. It originally came out in 1976, but was re-released digitally by Tutl to coincide the KVF documentary film about Straight Ahead that came out in 2024.
Føroyskt: Eisini kallað “Grøna singlin” kom út sum single pláta í 1976. Tutl talgildi í samband við KVF heimildarfilmin hjá Suna Merkisstein um Straight Ahead sum kom út í 2024.
1. Me and Virginia
2. Mín góða

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.).
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Composers and Authors

Jørgen Dahl

(author & composer)



Milson Zachariasen

(recording & mix)

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