Mega-Store – Josef Zachariassen

Producer catalog: HJF737b
Production year: 2024
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“Mega-Store” is a hauntingly surrealistic track inspired by a vivid dream Josef had while staying in a cabin on the isolated island of Fugloy, Faroe Islands. It transports listeners into a surreal supermarket society where a young protagonist confronts fear and authority. The song masterfully blends polished studio recordings with raw, unpolished elements, including phone recordings, ambient storm noises, and an out-of-tune church organ.

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Words & music: Josef Zachariassen

9 years old, inside a mega-store
With shelves and fridges stacked to the skyline.
I lived here, inside the household aisle.
On the sixth shelf with my best friends.

One day, I climbed a rack.
Saw my teacher from behind a six-pack.
In bed with a microwave.

Careful now – microwaves gossip.
I better hide out in my Kit-Kat-castle.
Too late, the teacher had caught me with his eyes.
Paper in his hands – a death sentence.

I ran, chased by the microwave.
She slipped on my marble trap. While
I slid through the closing gate.

Pitchforks and torches filled the horizon.
Greasy haired teacher was leading the raid.
Voices getting clearer now, “Kill him!”
Hoisted and thrown off the cliff.

Woke up – grown man in his childhood room.
On the desk lay a broken microwave.
I need to throw it out.
I need to throw it out.
I need to throw it out.
I grabbed my microwave and threw it out.


Composers and Authors

Josef Zachariassen

(author, composer)



Josef Zachariassen

(producing, mixing, cover art)

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