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Magnus King

Behind Magnus King you’ll find Magnus Sørensen, a happy-go-lucky dude from the little village of Sørvágur, with its beautiful view of the fiord and the island Mykines. His biggest idol, and wherefrom his name originates, is the king of rock, Elvis Presley. Aside from smoking a lot of cigarettes and coffee – and frequenting the alternative venue/bar Sirkus in Voxbotn, Tórshavn on the weekends – Magnus King spends his time making music (alone or with friends), watching old movies from the sixties, taking long, relaxing road trips on the bus, dancing, hanging out with friends, and watching soccer (Liverpool FC is his favourite team – locally it’s HB). As he says it, “I am a very cool dude. You cannot believe it because I am Magnus King. Music plays like trouble with fun. So take

care and listen to my music.“

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