About Wrong

Finally, after two years of waiting the indierock band Fremmand (FO/DK) is ready to release their highly anticipated sophomore album Wrong via Tutl Records on Friday the 5th of February 2021.

For the past two years the album has meticulously been taking shape in Aarhus (DK), Torshavn (FO) and even sunny Los Angeles. In reference to the changing geographical framework, the overall style of the band has become more guitar-oriented and angular.

Similar to the self-titled debut album from 2018, the quartet explores the tension between dreams and desperation in a soundscape that relentlessly draws a line to the spherical early Goth and Post Punk scene. However, the end result is firmly planted in the present with its gaze set to the future.

Standing in front, with a personality and presence that vividly resonates both on stage and recording, is Fremmand lead singer Jana Hjalgrimsdóttir, while her band, consisting of drummer and producer Tobias Weltzer, guitarist Sigmund Zachariassen and bassist Tinna Tótudóttir, creates the enthralling sonic landscape around her fiery vocals.

Several prominent guest musicians feature on the album Wrong; it’s an exciting who’s-who on the world of rock. Thus, there are contributions from the legendary guitarist Carlos Alomar (David Bowie), Richard Fortus (Guns’n’Roses), Peter Hayes (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) and the Swiss-born New Yorker Null + Void, known for his synths -driven clubbangers and collaborates with Dave Gahan, Moby and The Kills among others.

The album’s title track and first single, “Wrong”, explores the ambivalent feelings of power and powerlessness a human being may feel when situations in life occur that we think are a matter of choice but are in fact beyond our control.

The evocative video for the track was filmed in Tokyo during the first Corona shutdown and shows a modern city lying desolate. It effectively helps to give the song an apocalyptic vibe that many dreary lockdown viewers may recognize at the moment.

Watch the video here:


Guitarist Carlos Alomar served as David Bowie’s conductor and guitarist for many years and was instrumental in making the late ’70s a memorable era for the British legend with his distinctive guitar sound. It springs back to life on the song “Run Through Fire”; where it adds a melancholy big city vibe to the track. The song also features the now 80-year-old saxophonist Henrik Jespersen, who completes the circle with his uncompromising style and brings to mind Bowie’s fabled Berlin records.

Alt-rock hero Peter Hayes from Black Motorcycle Club re-enters Fremmand – reprising his guest appearance in the same manner as on the popular single “Holding on to Love” from Fremmand’s debut album. This time he steps even more into character on “Legendary Lover”, providing his familiar, noisy and swollen, guitar sound for the rocking song and co-writing and singing it as an intense duet with Hjalgrimsdóttir. Hayes describes his lyrics to the song: “Legendary Lover is about all the things you’re ignorant about, and working through one’s own misguided attempts of a fix”.

Fremmand has formed a strong bond with Peter Hayes and the rest of BRMC. This has lead to the indie rockers supporting the fabled American band on tour in Germany and most recently played a sold-out show in Copenhagen.

Many dedicated rock fans may also recognize the name Richard Fortus with eager anticipation. The American guitarist has stood side by side with Axl Rose in Guns’n’Roses since 2002. However, Fortus has an even longer and memorable CV, which also includes being a founding member of the band Love Spit Love with Psychedelic Furs’ frontman Richard Butler. On “Innanlongsul”, a self-invented word meaning a longing for the inner, he puts his musical virtuosity into play and creates a grandiose soundscape that brings to mind early Brian Eno and Robert Fripp just to mention a few.

The album’s nine songs are produced by Tobias Weltzer, mixed by Michael Patterson and mastered by Maor Appelbaum.

Released on the following formats:
As LP.

Digitallyon all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on the player below.



Tobias Weltzer (drums, keyboards, vocal)

Jana Hjalgrimsdóttir (vocal)

Sigmund Zachariassen (guitar)

Tinna Asaadare Tótudóttir (bass)

Rico Holmer Andersen (bass)

Peter Hayes (guitar)

Dorthea M. Berg Johansen (keyboards, vocal)

Richard Fortus (guitar)

Kurt Uenela (keyboards)

Jason Laocca (synthesizer)

Carlos Alomar (guitar)

Henrik Jespersen (saxophone)

Mika Vandborg (guitar)