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FONETIKA is an album made by five faroese artists, each with their own artistic
expression. The album is a collection of all kinds of genres ranging from classical and
ambient music, to beats, soft ballads and pop/funk. Entering a delicate soundscape
Líggjas’ music is set at a leisurely pace, reeling you in with simplistic piano melodies and
vocals floating around in the air. Katrina’s music is playful, organic and experimental,
combining soft vocals and light-hearted melodies with odd-time rhythms and peculiar
sounding sequences. Sissal’s music can be described as a result of raw and sincere
musical composition. The vocals are crucial for her artistry as is evident in her use of
effects in her music. With a classical approach, Jákup’s music is ominous and intense
while conveying a battle between instruments that is led by a soulful voice. Through his
usage of electronical manipulation, Per’s music demonstrates the powers of minimalistic
melodies and exhibits an ambient and exploring atmosphere.

Track list:

1. Sjósett
2. Leikaland
3. Ungar Ástir
4. Ljóðskýggj
5. Til tvílembuna
6. Tey bíða
7. Ex Nihilo
8. Tú gert ikki nógv burturúr
9. Við vatnið
10. 5+1
11. Klepri
12. Spælidós

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on the player below.