Folktone From A Global Corner – Himmerland

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With inspiration from the quotation by the Danish Painter Oluf Høst (Bornholm 1884 – 1966)

”Ægte folketone fra en global afkrog kan erobre verden” (True folktone from a global corner can conquer the world)

Himmerland is a Danish band named after an area in the Nordic part of Jutland, Denmark, where they in 2010 met for the first time, to perform at the small progressive Halkær Festival. Since then they have traveled in large parts of the world. This is their fourth album. “We come from different cultures, traditions and genres, and blend it all with respect to the original material.”


Himmerland is

Eskil Romme – Soprano Saxophone, Vocals

Kirstine Sand – Violin, Vocals

Jens Ulvsand – Bouzouki, Lead Vocals

Emil Ringtved Nielsen – Electric Bass Guitar

Ayi Solomon – Percussion, Lead Vocals

Special Guest: Nuala Kennedy – Lead Vocals, Low Whistle


Tracklist (with background as described by the band):

1. The Queen- Emil Ringtved Nielsen

2. Request to the King – Ayi Solomon

A king of a small village couldn’t feel love anymore. His subordinates went out in purchase of items to be brought to the palace, the king requested for LOVE in return, which was exchanged with prayers, as love cannot be bought with money. The king’s Love was then restored.

3. Fuaim na Cleitearnaí (A Fluttering Sound)– Music by Nuala Kennedy (PRS/MCPS)

Words by Nuala Kennedy (PRS/MCPS) and Seosaí Nic Rabhartaigh (IMRO)

This song in the Irish language talks about the wonders of nature and the  interconnectedness of all living creatures.

4. Brudvals till Ellen o Hannes – Jens Ulvsand

Jens wrote this wedding march to his family.

5. Inspirations from the East – Eskil Romme

With inspirations from Himmerlands touring in eastern Europe, Eskil made this tune.

6. Dansebørn – Kirstine Haugaard Sand + Reel from Ærø, trad.

Kirstine wrote Dansebørn for a big folk gathering with a lot of kids participating.

7. Mbore You, trad./ Vals til Karina

Eskil wrote this waltz to Swedish Karina Normansson years back after a long      inspiring tour of 6 weeks down under in 2004.

8. Dorothea – Ola Backstrom

Old friend of Eskils, Ola Backstrom, Swedish master fiddler, wrote this tune as a part of the repertoire of the amazing quartet SWÅP – Scottish Fidler Eilidh Shaw braught the tune into Himmerlands repertoire.

9. Konvulsions Låt + Norsk Reinlander

Several of us have been playing these two tunes in various band  connections during the past 20-30 years – via Faroe Islands/Kristian Blak, we came up with these versions.

10. The Light Within – Ayi Solomon

11. Spirende Kærlighed til Korn – Eskil Romme

Inspired by his farm work with “old” grain sources of Rye and Spelt, Eskil wrote this tune, and the band turned it into a kind of samba type of tune.

12. Connemara Cradle Song – Delia Murphy

Nuala brought this beautiful Irish lullaby to us, and recorded it live in studio with Jens in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is set on the picturesque shores of Connemara in County Galway.


Released on the following formats:

Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on the player below.

Available on CD. Find the purchase button below.

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