About eygnaregn

“eygnaregn” (meaning: eye-rain) is Dania’s second single from her upcoming album, to be released in 2021. “eygnaregn” is lyrically experimenting with the emotion of sadness in its purest form. Wavy guitars, the sound of bells, pouring rain, slow beats and simple melodies create the atmosphere and turn it into a heartfelt lullaby dedicated to those, dealing with the end of summer and waiting for the storms to come. For the depressed, those who feel let down and stuck in the past – wrapping up with a reflection on whether or not to let the snow fall this year, except we’re ready to be cold.

The song comes with an alternative (short) version and animated music video on Youtube and Vimeo.

Music video: Beinta Brynhildardóttir Egholm

Lyrics and music: Dania O. Tausen
Lead vocals, harmonies: Dania O. Tausen
Guitars, keys, bass, percussion: Benjamin D. Djurhuus
Drums: Eyðtór á Dalbø Gregersen

Recorded at DB Studio
Mixed by Benjamin D. Djurhuus
Mastered by Hans Poulsen


1    eygnaregn

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on the player below.



Dania O. Tausen (vocals)

Benjamin D. Djurhuus (Guitar, bass, keys)

Eyðtór á Dalbø Gregersen (Drums)



Dania O. Tausen (Author/composer)

Benjamin D. Djurhuus (Arranger)



Benjamin D. Djurhuus (Recordings/mix)

Hans Poulsen (Master)