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Too Late – Funksjon

The new single by Funksjon combines the lush sounds of summer with the immediacy of dilemma. Starting as a ballad, the melancholic phrasings blend with a somber voice and chords with moving intent, driving a pressured atmosphere. Yet pressure and uncertainty is matched with crisp guitars, driving drums, a thumping bassline and a hopeful voice. […]


Saturday Morning – Funksjon

“Saturday Morning” is the next single by Funksjon. The single is a soft ballade full of sentimental moods and warm shades of harmony. Filled with colorful voicings and layers of soulful melodies, the song imitates the early hours of the day. With a smooth laidback beat, an easefully rounded bassline and delicalety placed guitarfeels, the […]


Forget About It – Funksjon

“Forget About It” is the second single by the pop/funk group Funksjon. The song starts head-on with a lively vocal melody, rhythmical guitar licks and a looming underlying pad. The bright percussive patterns are combined with a thumping bass, solidifying the main drive of the song. In a euphony of airy vocals, the chorus line […]


Another Girl – Funksjon

‘Another Girl” is the first single by pop/funk group Funksjon. The song can be described as a cluster of various genres that begins as a soft ballad and ends with a disco showdown. Through an experimentation of sound and a passion for funk, the song is a joined effort to bring a smile on your […]