New cross-art release from Silvurdrongur

May 16, 2018

Join us in TUTL on Friday the 18th at 4pm for the release of Silvurbók!

This release is one piece of art that contains both written word, music and movie making. An interesting fusion of different art forms in one SILVER product. The product is Silvurbók – that means Silver Book.

Silvurbók is a collection of poems by Faroeses artist Trygvi Danielsen, also known as Silvurdrongur (the Silver Boy). Silvurbók is about how it is to be a young man in the capital of the small islands of Faroes. The themes of the poems are among others: love, sex, loneliness, faith, society and psyche.

Every book is special and custom made by the artist.

The second part of this release is the music release “Silvurpláta” (the Silver Record). It contains 13tracks of music from Silvurdrongur. The style is an interesting mix between hip hop and spoken word. Silvurdrongur also won the award for “new name of the year” at the Faroese Music Awards in 2018.

The last part of the release is a short film also made by Trygvi Danielsen. The movie is called “111 góðir dagar” (111 good days). This movie was the 2018 winner of the Faroeses annual short film competition “Geytin”.

The Faroese language is essential in all three parts of the release.