In terms of its distribution, TUTL releases are available on digital through all major online music shops as well as physical worldwide through the local Faroese TUTL store and 30 other Faroese outlets and through local distributors elsewhere as far away as Japan.

A vital step in the process of bringing Faroese music onto the global music scene has been the establishment of TUTL Touring. TUTL Touring consists of partnerships between TUTL and several European booking agencies. These partnerships give agents exclusive booking rights to bring Faroese artists to a specified territory for a specified period of time.

The TUTL store, fondly called Káta Hornið or The Happy Corner, serves as the label’s headquarters and has become a bit of a must-see attraction for tourists and music lovers, visiting the isles. Situated on the main street of Niels Finsensgøta in the capital of Tórshavn, TUTL is at the heart of Faroese culture.

The TUTL store presents a rich opportunity to discover and experience live Faroese music and to explore the wide variety of genres that the musical islands have to offer – right in the heart of Tórshavn. Stop by our shop to enjoy free coffee, friendly staff and a chat about the diverse Faroese music scene, not least if you are looking for unique gifts or souvenirs, tax-free.

During summertime, we arrange free concerts weekdays at 4pm with local Faroese musicians. Check out our Music Event Calendar for current information on live concerts.